Mathematics for College Technology Strands and Subgroups in the Grade 12 Course

              - Solving Exponential Equations
              - Solving Exponential Equations Algebraically
              - Investigating Graphs of Polynomial Functions
              - Connecting Graphs and Equations of Polynomial Functions
              - Solving Problems Involving Polynomial Equations
              - Applying Trigonometric Ratios
              - Connecting Graphs and Equations of Sinusoidal Functions
              - Solving Problems Involving Sinusoidal Functions
              - Modelling With Vectors
              - Solving Problems Involving Geometry
              - Solving Problems Involving Circle Properties

Table of Contents by McGraw Hill

Chapter 1: Trigonometry 

1.1: Special angles
1.2: CAST Rule
1.3: Problem solving with primary trig ratios
1.4: Ambiguous case of sine law, and cosine law
1.5: Review and problem solving

CHAPTER 2: Sinusoidal Functions

2.1: Graphs of sinx and cosx
2.2: Translations of graphs of sinx and cosx
2.3: Transformations Part 1
2.4: Transformations Part 2
2.5: Representing sinusoidal functions
2.6: Problem solving with sinusoidal functions

CHAPTER 3: Vectors

3.1: Introduction to vectors
3.2: Components of vectors
3.3: Vector addition (3 parts)
3.4: Vector subtraction
3.5: Problem Solving with vectors

CHAPTER 4: Exponential Functions

4.1: Exponent Laws (2 parts)
4.2: Graphing and solving exponential functions
4.3: Solving exponential functions numerically
4.4: Points of Intersection of exponential graphs
4.5: Logarithms
4.6: Problem solving with exponential and logarithmic functions

CHAPTER 5: Polynomial Functions  

5.1: Identifying key features of polynomial functions
5.2: More features of polynomial functions
5.3: Comparing polynomial functions
5.4: Getting ready to factor polynomials
5.5: Factoring (2 parts)
5.6: Evaluating polynomial functions
5.7: Problem solving with polynomial functions

CHAPTER 6: Measurement

6.1: Getting ready (review of basic formulas)
6.2: Solving measurement problems
6.3: Properties of circles
6.4: Area segments of circles
6.5: Review and problem solving

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